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Exploring quotas in academia

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EMBO - excellence in life sciences (2015) Exploring quotas in academia
A policy report on the effects of gender quotas to increase the participation of women in leadership positions in academic science in Europe.
This report summarises the findings of a project done in collaboration with and funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. It provides a series of options for the use of quotas for decision makers (heads of research institutions, research administrators, politicians, and funders, among others), and an analysis of the consequences of each evaluated option
Table of contents
1. Summary 
2. Introduction 
3. Methodology 
4. Use of quotas in politics and the corporate world and their effects: What lessons can we learn for academia?
5. Gender quotas in academia: Potential benefits and potential harms
---- Quotas for hiring faculty at full professorship level and below
---- Quotas for the composition of evaluation committees and university oversight bodies
---- Quotas in research funding (grants and fellowships) 
6. Options for implementing specific types of quotas in academia: Potential benefits and harms
7. Findings and conclusions 
8. References 
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