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Evaluation: Practical Guidelines. A Guide for Evaluating Public Engagement Activities

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Last modified on 10 November 2016

UK National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and Research Councils UK
This public engagement evaluation guide is designed for anyone, regardless of prior experience with public engagement or evaluation, who leads projects intended to engage with general audiences about science, social science, engineering and technology and the social, ethical and political issues that new research in these areas raises. It is also intended to help project managers evaluate individual projects. Besides detailing the evaluation process, it discusses important topics, such as what evaluation is about and how evaluation can help strengthen funding applications.
National, Local, Regional
Diversity, Inclusion, Reflection
Monitorization & Evaluation
The document is divided into five main sections, beginning with the very basics of evaluation (definition, strategy, aims, tools) in Sections 1–3, then moving on to gathering qualitative and quantitative data (Section 4) and analysing and reporting evaluation results (Section 5). The annexes provide guidelines, examples and templates for preparing questionnaires and performing summative evaluation schema, as well as further readings.
Beginner, Practitioner

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