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Special Eurobarometer 419: Public Perceptions of Science, Research and Innovation

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European Commission (2014), Special Eurobarometer 419: Public Perceptions of Science, Research and Innovation.
This Special Eurobarometer report will help inform Horizon 2020 by providing insight on which areas European citizens would like scientific research to focus on, so as to tackle issues of most concern to them. More generally, this report will help inform forward looking activities, including foresight, in the European Commission; in particular those carried out by the Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, by the Bureau of the European Policy Advisers and by the Chief Scientific Adviser to the President. The survey first looks at the respondents’ own level of scientific education – whether they have studied science or technology at school or elsewhere. It then asks respondents which areas they would like science and innovation to prioritize over the next 15 years, with areas such as job creation, health and medical care, energy supply, education and skills, and the fight against climate change among the issues they are asked to consider. Having established which issues are seen as most deserving of emphasis, the respondents then look at whether these issues can realistically be addressed both through science and technological innovation, and also through people’s actions and behaviour. This survey was carried out by TNS Opinion & Social network in the 28 Member States of the European Union between 14th and 26th of June 2014. Some 27,910 respondents from different social and demographic groups were interviewed face-to-face at home in their mother tongue on behalf of Directorate-General for Research & Innovation.
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