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Ética y Salud Pública en Tiempos de Crisis

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Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation (2014), Ética y Salud Pública en Tiempos de Crisis, Cuadernos de la Fundació Víctor Grífols i Lucas 32

This monograph contains the proceedings of the workshop hosted by the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation, in Barcelona (Spain), on 18 December 2013. The event was attended by specialists in the fields of ethics and public health, and the programme consisted of three sections, each providing a different perspective on the intersection between the economic crisis, ethics and public health. Each section was structured around a pair of presentations, designed to provide information, analysis and a starting point for the discussion session that followed.

  • The sections were:
  • Populations that are particularly vulnerable to the crisis
  • The impact of the crisis on mental health. The case of suicide: Myth or reality? and
  • For the morally correct use of public health services in times of crisis: the role of health professionals and the role of health service users.

Before the workshop, each of the speakers submitted a short document setting out the key points of their presentation. This text was then sent out to participants so that they would have the opportunity to prepare for the workshop by thinking about the issues under consideration. Following the event, each of the speakers wrote a paper including their own thoughts on the discussion topic and incorporating contributions and observations from the group debate. The specialists who took part were also invited to write up their own ideas and conclusions from the day’s proceedings. Both sets of documents are included in this publication.

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