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Engaging Citizens in Co-Creation processes

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 December 2021
Last modified on 01 December 2021

Engaging Citizens in Co-Creation processes. Policy Brief #3 by the Living Innovation project. November 2021


  • Societal challenges, such as digitization or climate change, establish the need for setting participation on the political agenda.
  • Joining forces of users, citizens, and industry in shared innovation processes provide opportunities to tackle the needs of both society and economy.
  • Co-creation needs a clear compass to gain socially desirable outcomes. The concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) provides a strong framework for matching technological progress with public needs.
  • Policy support of RRI-based co-creation is needed to improve awareness of this approach and to disseminate best practices.
  • Responsible co-creation is demanding. Policy funding should be based on quality criteria. 



  • Why should policy support participation in innovation processes? 
  • Supporting policy with scientific evidence?
  • What are the success conditions? 
  • What kind of political support is needed? 
    • Research funding needs to allow a framework for trial and error and for gaining experience
    • No enforced specific outcome expectations and requirements before the process is started.
    • Participatory culture needs more time if it is to establish commitment and connectivity.
    • An award for successful industry-user collaboration should be initiated to help promoting co-creating in a responsible way
  • What quality criteria should be used to decide on funding requests?
    • Legitimacy
    • Methods
    • Selection of participants
    • Scientific evaluation



LIV_IN has developed a toolkit for co-creation in corporate innovation processes. It addresses aspects of strategic planning, quality criteria, methods and practical considerations of effective and successful co-creation processes.

  • You can download the co-creation toolbox here and watch this video 


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