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Enabling and Sustaining Citizen Involvement

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 01 November 2015

Sciencewise, UK

Enabling and Sustaining Citizen Involvement reports the findings from desk research, interviews and workshops carried out to increase understanding on how to ensure that people who take part in public dialogue activities have a positive experience. It is one of six Sciencewise research reports exploring specific aspects of public and stakeholder engagement.

The report is aimed at policymakers who want to engage people within their policy areas, and thus, it addresses the types of questions they have about public participation. It also tackles a tough but very important aspect of public participation: What will be done with the results of the consultation/dialogue? What will happen next? Who will listen and act?

National, Local, Regional
Diversity, Inclusion, Reflection
Development, Exploration, Implementation, Monitorization & Evaluation, Dissemination

The report has three main sections:

  • guidance for policymakers
  • securing effective participation
  • post-project activities.

It offers practical tips for recruiting participants, providing initial project information and building a relationship with participants through participant-focused project design and communication. It also analyses the most effective ways to sustain interest and develop participation beyond the life of the project itself.


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