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Diversci | practical resources and tools to support your journey to a more diverse, inclusive and equitable organisation.

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The Diversci Community of Practice (Diversci CoP) - a collective of science engagement professionals advocating to push inclusion, equity, diversity and social justice to the top of the strategic agendas of science engagement organisations

An online platform with a great collection of resources to support equitable and inclusive practice & organisational change.

The platform is structured into the following sections

  • First Aid Kit
  • Tools
  • Key Principles
  • Events
  • Resources
  • Our Community



Quick fix for big problems. Do you need help right now? Where to start? How to convince your team? Find quick answers to big challenges in the section below. These are situations that have been encountered frequently.


This section will walk you through some concepts before you dive into the tool created and curated by Diversci. This will help you understand Diversci lenses and approach. For those already familiar with these concepts this is a friendly recap, for others it could be the first stop on your journey to transform your organisation.


What is the current state of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity in your organisation and what can you do to improve it?. Divesci has created a working structure across Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity into five transversal pillars: Access, Content, Partners, Staff and Strategy. These pillars show the different areas and levels of commitment.


On this page you will find specially curated resources related to Diversity, Access, Equity and Inclusion. These have been selected and suggested by members of our community to share with anyone who is interested. This list is not exhaustive and nor will it ever be finished. We will add more resources in the future, hoping to guide you through them with filters on ‘level’ and ‘area’.


On this page you will find specially curated events related to Diversity, Access, Equity and Inclusion and all dates for the next Diversci Community of Practice meetings.


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