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Declaration on Research Integrity in Responsible Research and Innovation

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Casado, M., M.C.P. Neves, I. de Lecuona, A.S. Carvalho, and J. Araújo (2016). Declaration on Research Integrity in Responsible Research and Innovation. Eds. Universitat de Barcelona. ISBN 978-84-475-4038-9. 79 pp.

This declaration, prepared by the Unesco Iberian Chairs in Bioethics, provides guidelines for researchers, professionals and other agents in research and innovation systems in the context of the Iberian Peninsula countries and their citizens. The document proposes an interdisciplinary analysis of scientific integrity in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) based on the principles of this approach and the consensus reached in the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights of Unesco (2005), which addresses “ethical issues in medicine, life sciences and associated technologies as applied to human beings, taking into account their social, legal and environmental dimensions” (art. 1). This international legal instrument locates citizens as central actors occupying a prominent place in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), as they are the supposed beneficiaries of research and should be involved in its conceptualization.

The declaration emerges from the cultural perspective of the Iberian Peninsula, part of a Latin tradition with different perspectives from those usually proposed from the classic Anglo-Saxon dominance in this sphere. It also has as its ultimate aim to influence decision-makers in the science and technology systems in Spain and Portugal and in the areas of higher education,
guiding possible regulatory changes and proposals. In addition, it aims at having an impact on the media to improve the quality of debate and promote free and informed decision-making by citizens in processes of research and innovation.

In short, this declaration analyses the state of the question, proposes a terminological and
conceptual clarification, and makes recommendations to overcome existing problems.

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