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The ODI´s Data Toolkit for Business | a set of collaborative tools to help businesses unlock the value of data

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 02 June 2020
Last modified on 02 June 2020

Open Data Institute

Businesses are trying to unlock the value of data. When used well, data can benefit businesses in a variety of ways. It can improve decision making, grow markets and drive innovation. ODI´s work with businesses of all sizes and across a variety of sectors has highlighted some challenges.

  • It is not always clear how sharing and using data can directly deliver business benefits.
  • Increasing concerns around privacy mean companies need to be seen to be trustworthy when it comes to data, and without the necessary skills, businesses can struggle to use data.

This Data Toolkit for Business is designed to help businesses overcome these barriers and includes: the Data Skills Framework; a guide to Data Ecosystem Mapping; the Data Ethics Canvas; and private sector case studies showing the value of sharing data.

These tools can help to map out a data ecosystem, identify skill gaps, and support the ethical use of data.

Data Toolkit for Business, guide and case studies

The ODI’s Data Toolkit for Business is a set of collaborative tools that will help businesses unlock the value of data. The case studies in the booklet show 7 ways businesses are creating value by sharing data. View the guide and case studies.

Data Skills Framework

The Data Skills Framework breaks down the complex landscape of data skills into the sets of skills required by different people in an organisation. It illustrates how technical data skills must be balanced with skills that enable data innovation.

Data Ethics Canvas

The Data Ethics Canvas helps you to identify potential ethical issues associated with a data project or activity. Use this to ensure that ethical – and legal – use of data is considered from the very beginning of your project, and throughout. It can feed into your business case for using data, or be used on its own.

Data Ecosystem Mapping

The ODI´s guide to Data Ecosystem Mapping helps to identify and plan the technical and organisational relationships needed to deliver a service. Use this guide to bring different stakeholders together to understand the flow of value through your data ecosystem. This can inform your business case, and be a useful tool on its own for project planning and delivery.








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