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CRM-EXTREME Solutions for Critical Raw Materials Under Extreme Conditions COST Action CA15102

Uploaded by Maria Letizia RUELLO on 07 April 2016
Last modified on 10 June 2016



From 09/03/2016 to 08/03/2020

Recently a feeling of acute awareness of the inextricable links between energy, environment, economy and security issues has progressively grown across the entire world.

Global and local crises of different nature have clearly shown that life in a modern country ultimately depends on a readily available and affordable material supply.

Within this context, the dependence of its industrial sectors on scarce materials almost entirely imported from foreign countries, often with extremely volatile prices due to geopolitical reasons, represents a serious threat to the future well-being of the EU.

Difficulties in the access to Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) are expected to depress industrial sectors vital to Europe, generating risks for construction, chemicals, automotive, aerospace and Machinery manufacturing industries. For this reason, securing the availability and access to CRMs, or finding viable alternatives, is a strategic objective for the EU.

The growing number of EU researchers working on CRMs puts the EU in the condition to take the leadership in this field. To this aim, EU can count on its excellence in areas of knowledge crucial to CRMs development and application, while its high-tech SMEs and strategic automotiveaerospace and next energy generation industries can assure suitable innovation paths from labs to market.

Under these circumstances, the COST Action CRM-EXTREME aims to set up a network of expertise to define the state of knowledge and gaps in multi-scale modelling, synthesis, characterization, engineering design and recycling, that could find viable alternatives to CRMs and promote the industrial exploitation of substituted materials.

CRM-EXTREME is a four-year COST Action oriented to strengthen collaboration between active researchers working in the different areas of investigation involving CRMs. The COST Action CRM-EXTREME is the most suitable initiative to seed the initial catalytic nucleus of growth for EU excellence in strategic CRMs substitution.



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