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Co-creation for Responsible Research and Innovation | Experimenting with Design Methods and Tools

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Co-creation for Responsible Research and Innovation. Experimenting with Design Methods and Tools. Edited by Alessandro Deserti, Marion Real & Felicitas Schmittinger. Springer, 2021.

This open access book summarizes research being pursued within the SISCODE (Society in Innovation and Science through CO-DEsign) project, funded by the EU under the H2020 programme, the goal of which is to set up an analytical, reflective and learning framework to explore the transformations in initiatives and policies emerging from the interaction between citizens and stakeholders.

The book provides a critical analysis of the co-design processes activated in 10 co-creation labs addressing societal challenges across Europe. Each lab as a case study of real-life experimentation is described through its journey, starting from the purpose on the ground of the experimentation and the challenge addressed. Specific attention is then drawn on the role of policies and policy maker engagement. Finally, the experimentation is enquired in terms of its output, transformations triggered within the organization and the overall ecosystem, and its outcomes, opening the reasoning towards the lessons learnt and reflections that the entire co-creation journey brought.


  • Between Science, Technology and Society | Alessandro Deserti, Francesca Rizzo
  • A Framework for Experimenting Co-creation in Real-Life Contexts | Marion Real, Felicitas Schmittinger
  • Framing Real-Life Experimentations as Case Studies | Stefano Crabu, Ilaria Mariani, Felicitas Schmittinger
  • FabLab Barcelona—Co-design With Food Surplus: Better Redistributing, Upcycling and Composting | Marion Real, Anastasia Pistofidou, Milena Juarez Calvos
  • Polifactory. Transforming Playful Movement into Sound: Co-create a Smart System for Children with Cerebral Palsy | Carla Sedini, Laura Cipriani, Mirko Gelsomini, Stefano Maffei, Massimo Bianchini
  • Maker—Plastic In, Plastic Out: Circular Economy and Local Production | Asger Nørregård-Rasmussen, Malte Hertz-Jansen, Felicitas Schmittinger
  • KTP—Collectively Improving Air Quality in Krakow: A New Air Quality Plan for the Małopolska Region | Agnieszka Włodarczyk-Gębik, Aleksandra Gabriel, Maria Dubis, Monika Machowska
  • PA4ALL—Innovative Learning Methods for Education in Agriculture: An ICT Based Learning Programme for High Schools | Isidora Stojacic
  • ThessAHALL—A Life-Long Learning Programme for the Social Inclusion of “Early-Stage” Older Adult Researchers | Despoina Mantziari, Evdokimos Konstantinidis, Despoina Petsani, Nikolaos Kyriakidis, Vassiliki Zilidou, Efstathios Sidiropoulos et al.
  • Ciência Viva—Promoting Marine Activities Around Lisbon: Self-Constructed Boats | Gonçalo Praça
  • Cube Design Museum—Empathic Co-design for Societal Impact | Anja Köppchen
  • Science Gallery Dublin—Open Mind: Improving Mental Health of Young People | Grace D’Arcy, Ilaria Mariani
  • TRACES—In 2030, Artificial Intelligences Will Visit Museums? | Matteo Merzagora, Aude Ghilbert, Axel Meunier
  • Assessing Co-creation in Relation to Context for RRI Operationalisation | Francesca Rizzo, Alessandro Deserti








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