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Uploaded by Ecsite European Network of Science Centres and Museums on 07 December 2016
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Ecsite, The European Network of Science Centres and Museums

This set of cards presents different questions, statements & ideas that will foster, hopefully, friendly conversations and collective reflections about different aspects of Research and Innovation, and the different scopes of Responsible Research and Innovation, RRI. Making science engaging is vital work, but fraught with challenges. How do you stay relevant in your local community? How do you ensure activities are designed in a way that places the needs and preferences of multiple target audiences at their centre? How do you find new collaborators and effectively expand your network? Like science itself, RRI isn’t about a specific process or tool –it’ s a framework for thinking in a way that anticipates the consequences of research and innovation, brings issues into the open, and involves society in discussing how science and technology can help create a better world for future generations.

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