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Building Back With - A guide to involving communities in the COVID-19 response and recovery for local government

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 06 October 2020

Local government is being faced with incredibly difficult challenges and choices – from managing local lockdowns through to creating resilient economies, all on tight budgets.

In this context, it's all the more difficult but important to involve local communities in the Covid response and recovery – benefiting from their ideas and experiences, help with making difficult trade-offs, and community action.

This handbook is intended to support local authorities to consider how they can build back with their local communities, involving them in the Covid-19 response and recovery.

What the handbook contains

The handbook contains eight chapters, covering the following:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction – what the handbook contains, how it's been developed and how you can contribute;
  • Chapter 2: Why involve people now – the rationale for involving local communities in the Covid response and recovery;
  • Chapter 3: Before you start – tips on making the case and securing institutional buy-in;
  • Chapter 4: Where to start – some principles for planning high-quality public engagement;
  • Chapter 5: Helpful resources – a range of handy handbooks, guides and toolkits to help plan and deliver community engagement;
  • Chapter 6: Where it’s happening – examples and case studies engaging people in taking decisions and action around Covid;
  • Chapter 7: What it could look like – illustrative processes to provide some inspiration for how communities could be engaged on different issues;
  • Chapter 8: Further reading – links to interesting further reading on Covid, public participation and democracy.

Using the handbook

You can access the handbook in three ways:








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