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Automating Society Report

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The Automating Society Report 2020. Algorithm Watch & Bertelsmann Stiftung

The project ‘Automating Society’ aims at composing a previously unreleased mapping and analysis of automated decision-making (ADM) applications in the public policy sphere in Europe.

In 2019, the 1st edition of the report investigated the current usage and policy debates around ADM both in 12 European countries individually and at EU level.

The main objective of the 2nd edition is to focus on ADM in the public sector and – where possible – to highlight the opportunities and potentials of ADM. The 2020 report features 17 chapters: 16 individual country studies and again a chapter with a lens on the EU level. The report’s character has changed to a more journalistic style, with one in-depth story per country serving as the country chapter’s introduction, followed by a list of examples of ADM use in the respective country – similar to the encyclopaedic style of the 2019 edition.

Objectives of the project

  • to generate attention and public debate in as many EU countries as possible by reporting on automated decision-making systems in use around the EU;
  • to expand the evidence base on ADM in Europe; trying to cover also positive examples and raise attention to – potentially unused / underused – opportunities and chances of ADM systems;
  • to raise policy makers’ awareness of the implications of using ADM with a focus on the public sector;
  • to develop advocacy and policy positions with regard to the governance of automated decision-making in the EU;
  • to widen and deepen the network of researchers we initiated for the first edition of the report.

CONTENTS - Automating Society Report 2020

Introduction - Life in the automated society: How automated decision-making systems became mainstream, and what to do about it

  • From Automating Society to the automated society
  • Time to put ADM wrongs to right
  • Face recognition, face recognition, everywhere
  • Black boxes are still black boxes
  • Challenging the algorithmic status quo
  • Lack of adequate auditing, enforcement, skills, and explanations
  • The techno-solutionist trap

Policy Recommendations

  1. Increase the transparency of ADM systems
  2. Create a meaningful accountability framework for ADM systems
  3. Enhance algorithmic literacy and strengthen public debate on ADM systems

European Union - Setting the stage for the future of ADM in Europe

  • Policies and political debates
  • Oversight and regulation
  • ADM in practice: border management and surveillance

Country studies









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