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Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good | Sustainable, Inclusive & Trustworthy

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Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good | Sustainable, Inclusive & Trustworthy. World Economic Forum White Paper. January 2018.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction - Derek O’Halloran,World Economic Forum
  • How to Keep AI from Slipping Beyond Our Control - Wendell Wallach, Yale University
  • Modeling for Fairness?  Concerns Around Algorithm Design - Erica Kochi, UNICEF
  • Highlight on Digital Ethics - Luciano Floridi & Mariarosaria Taddeo, University of Oxford
  • Humanitarian Uses of AI: Emerging Tech + Old Ethics = New Threats - Nathaniel A. Raymond, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative


Introduction:  AI for the Common Good 

Derek O’Halloran,World Economic Forum, Head of Digital Economyand Society System Initiative

As we look to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)1for the common good, an unprecedented set of opportunities are emerging which could serve totransform society.  Likewise, the potential for AI toundermine progress is also unparalleled. Progress will requirebalanceamong competing social, political, technological and economic concerns. 

This white paper –prepared for attendees of the 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting –aims to frame some of the key factors for achieving abalanced AI ecosystem.  It highlights an emerging set ofconcerns identifiedfrom a variety of AI experts and related communities atthe World Economic Forum.

The intent is to provide readers with a set of perspectives whichframe some of the central socio-economic tensions related to the near-term deployment of AI.Concerns onthe ethics, duties of care, transparency, potential for bias, concentration of ownershipand the design of algorithmsare offeredas an initialwayto supporta more structured and focusedconversation. 

By advancing amore coherentand nuanced framingonthe limits, obligations and responsibilities of using AI,the hope is that awareness can be raised (and pragmatic actioncatalysed)ondeveloping innovative approaches for strengthening trust throughout thedigital ecosystem.

Additionally, this paper is designed asa calling card for those interested in exploring this criticalandcomplex topic in more detail. The World Economic Forum offers an expanding array of engagement opportunities related to the topic ofAI.Our intent isto involveas many stakeholdersas possible in building a sustainable, inclusive and trustworthy digital economy and society. 


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