AQUARES | Water reuse policies advancement for resource efficient European regions

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From 01/06/2018 to 31/05/2023

AQUARES brings together 10 partners from 9 countries, to achieve efficient water management through water reuse, profit from the opportunities in the water market, and secure the protection of water bodies.

Water reuse is a key way to both promote resource efficiency in water scarce areas of Europe, and to profit from opportunities in the expanding water market, thereby alleviating pressure on wetlands and littoral areas of Europe. The EC "Strategic Implementation Plan of the European Innovation Partnership on Water”, was set in place to promote and support efficient water management in Europe where water scarcity affects 11% of its population.

In this context, AQUARES will support public authorities to initiate efforts, join forces and exchange experiences to:

  • identify viable strategies to utilize water reuse to confront inefficient uses of water
  • make the most of EU financing tools, and
  • promote public dialogue to address conflicting interests.

Expected impact

  • Increased capacity of 200 staff of public administrations to effectively support water reuse
  • 10+ million € investments unlocked to support projects on water efficiency and to improve the management of water bodies
  • Increased awareness and consensus building among water providers, the workforce, and citizens, to support measures for water reuse (over 1000 individuals).

Main outputs & Beneficiaries

  • 9 action plans to improve the addressed policy instruments, benefiting managing authorities and beneficiaries
  • 3 interregional workshops, 3 study visits and 10 bipartite site visits promoting capacity building among partners and stakeholders 
  • 1 online toolkit on the evaluation of water reuse investments for regions promoting water efficiency 
  • 5 joint thematic studies and analyses reports on territorial needs and opportunities for water reuse pathways

The project is developing a "Water reuse policies development toolkit" with the aim to assist territorial authorities involved in water reuse development projects. The Toolkit will consist of:

  • a) water reuse best management practices & learning resources
  • b) a water reuse investment analysis tool
  • c) a water reuse project financing decision support tool
  • d) interactive field sensitive databases for best technologies, business models, and monitoring practices about water reuse

This project brings together 10 public organisations from 9 different European countries (Malta, Germany, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia and Spain)

  • Euro-mediterranean Water Institute Foundation (FIEA), Spain
  • Lombardy Foundation for the Environment, Italy
  • The Municipality of Trebnje, Slovenia
  • The Regional Development Agency of the Pardubice Region, Czech Republic
  • Lodzkie Region, Polland
  • Association Baltic Coasts, Latvia
  • Water Board of Oldenburg and East Frisia, Germany
  • Regional Government of Murcia, Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment, General Direction of Water, Spain
  • Energy and Water Agency, Malta

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