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Annual Report on the Main Trends of SiS, in Particular the Trends Related to RRI

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Timmermans, J., and Stahl, B. (2013), Annual Report on the Main Trends of SiS, in Particular the Trends Related to RRI,
The purpose of this deliverable is to provide an initial overview of the discourse on RRI. (…) As RRI has now become the focus of the recently renamed unit “Science with and for Society”, the distinction between SiS (Science in Society) and RRI is no longer relevant and the deliverable focuses on RRI (European Commission, 2013) . In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is important to clarify the knowledge claims and contribution of the deliverable and outline its role in the project. RRI is a term that has only relatively recently been introduced into the debate (Grunwald, 2011; Siune et al., 2009) and there is currently a limited number of accounts of the term itself (see section 1). While many of the contributing activities or topics, such as technology assessment, gender studies, open access, technology foresight or ethics review have long histories in a range of discipline, the discourse on RRI in the narrow sense is much more limited. At present this discourse is growing rapidly. The new Journal of Responsible Innovation promises to be an important source of future contributions. At the same time there are numerous policy--related publications and outputs from a range of European and other research projects that contribute to the body of literature. This deliverable uses the fortunate timing of the GREAT project to offer a broad overview of the entire discourse, while it is still possible to trace all, or at least most of the salient publications on the topic. The deliverable thus sets out to do just this, namely to trace the overall discourse as it stood during 2013 when the deliverable was developed.

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