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ALLEA Permanent Working Group Science and Ethics Online Repository.

ALLEA (All European Academies - European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities) keeps an online repository of publications, statements and reports.

ALLEA's Permanent Working Group on Science and Ethics (PWGSE) is concerned with a wide range of problems, 'internal' (within the scientific community) and 'external' (relations between science and society). Since ethical considerations have been an essential component in the consolidation of the new Europe, and in the creation of ALLEA, the PWGSE has been extending its capacities and activities during recent years, in order to fulfil adequately its mission of collective deliberation on topics like those listed below. 

The PWGSE meets at least twice a year and also convenes thematic meetings in wider settings, typically in partnerships with other relevant organizations such as European Science Foundation (ESF), the European Commission, the Council of Europe, Pugwash, International Council for Science (ICSU), or UNESCO. Some of the issues recently addressed include: scientific integrity and research misconduct, research on human embryos, quantitative evaluation of research, ethical aspects of risk, education in ethics.


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