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Achieving gender balance at the top of scientific research - Guidelines and tools for institutional change

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 22 March 2016

GenisLab project
Genis Lab’s guidelines aim to challenge inequalities and promote structural changes within scientific organisations. They present tools to enforce efficient gender management in implementing structural and institutional changes in research organisations.

The guidelines are based on the experiences of the Genis Lab project in which six scientific organisations engaged in the process of structural change. During the project, Genis Lab tools (participatory gender audit methodology, gender budgeting, gender awareness-raising training for HR managers, and initiatives addressing gender stereotypes in science and institutional culture) were used to define tailored gender action plans for each organisation. These aimed to activate a process that could involve different organisational areas in discussions to identify obstacles and define strategies to overcome those obstacles.
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Diversity, Inclusion
Development, Exploration, Implementation, Monitorization & Evaluation, Dissemination

The guidelines describe tools that may be useful for initiating and implementing institutional change processes in similar organisations to those participating in the Genis Lab Project. They aim to promote gender equality and foster structural change towards responsible research and innovation.

Organisational requirements and time frames depend on context and participant numbers.

Beginner, Practitioner

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