Tool Guideline

A Visual Guide for Communities Working with Academics on Participatory Research Projects

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 19 January 2017

The Guide is a collaboration between community professionals from Ashington- Northumberland, Brisbane - Australia, and Cork City as well as academics from University of Lancaster, University College Cork and de Montfort University.

The guide was produced as part of a British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences Rising Star Engagement Award (Participatory Research: Working and Communicating with Communities: EN140036).

This guide is for communities interested in participatory research and engagement with academics as part of participatory projects. It has been written by community members, activists and academics who have been involved in research of this kind. It is intended to provide communities with basic explanations of the background to, and motivations for, participatory research, as well as overviews of the processes of research, the implications that communities should consider when deciding whether or not to participate in projects and the key steps participants can take to minimize risks and maximize benefits.

While there are many other forms of engagement between communities and academics, such as practice placements, site visits and teaching contributions, this guide deals only with participatory research – a process which can stem from, or provide the basis for, other instances of collaboration. 


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