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A collection of Citizen Science guidelines and publications

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 08 February 2017

This work is being conducted as part of the “Doing It Together Science” (DITOs) project.

We have collected guidelines and scientific publications on citizen science and DIY science in order to start a library of good practice that we hope will be useful for CS practitioners, researchers seeking to establish CS projects and decision makers. 

The collection pays particular attention to six components of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) - Governance, Science Education, Ethics, Open Access, Gender and Public Engagement. RRI is a cross-cutting issue in Horizon2020, the EU’s Programme for Research and Innovation, that aims to construct societies in which research and innovation practices work towards sustainable, ethically adequate, and socially acceptable outcomes (find out more here). RRI also seeks to make discussions related to research more open to the public and to involve society in discussions on how science and technology can contribute to desirable futures (RRI Tools: towards RRI in action). We refer to these six components of RRI in order to explore how they are relevant to and addressed by citizen science. For this reason, the RRI components have been adopted as key criteria to sort the review presented in this collection.

Such a collection can only be work in progress – so please contact us via [email protected] to include any other important guidelines or papers.

There is also a Zotero database on citizen science literature established by CSA.



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