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500 Queer Scientists - a visibility campaign for the LGBTQ+ STEM community

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 06 July 2018

500 Queer Scientists

Who we are

A new visibility campaign for LGBTQ+ people and their allies working in STEM and STEM-supporting jobs — a group that collectively represents a powerful force of scientific progress and discovery.

3 goals (so far)

Ensure the next STEM generation has LGBTQ+ role models; help the current generation recognize they’re not alone; create opportunities for community connections and greater visibility within STEM.

Contribute your story

500 Queer Scientists is fueled by individual, self-submitted bios and stories intended to boost the recognition and awareness of queer scientists. Have a story to tell? Please use this link 

Social Media Toolkit

Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ STEM community or an ally of any kind, you can make a big impact on the success and visibility of 500 Queer Scientists just by speaking out. Doing so in your own words is great, but if you’re looking for suggestions, we’ve listed some here. Feel free to edit or adapt them. Another big way to help: Comment on, reshare/retweet, and like/favorite our posts. Those actions boost the reach of our content, and make it clear to others that this issue has support.


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