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Uploaded by Nicola Herbertson on 07 March 2016
Owned by RRI Tools . Last modified on 18 April 2019 3DNovations

3DNovations are a range of immersive 3D virtual reality solutions that revolutionise training, collaboration, research and community/customer services and enable people with autism and other complex needs to participate in and contribute to research and innovation.

Immensely adaptable, 3DNovations virtual reality environment can be designed to meet organisations and individuals specific needs with low entry-level costs and flexible training requirement. 3DNovations help organisations and individuals transform and open access to their services in ways which are more engaging and memorable, save everyone time and money, enable existing resources to be used to reused and optimised and open access to in particular to people with autism and complex needs. 3DNovations deliver high social value and impact directly and indirectly by increasing access to vocational training and employment for people with autism as more organisations and individual use services like 3DNovations and implement more Responsible Research and Innovation practises

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English, Chinese (Mandarin), German, French, Italian
Diversity, Inclusion, Responsiveness, Openness, Adaptive Change
Development, Exploration, Implementation, Monitorization & Evaluation, Dissemination
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