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‘Stick to the science’: when science gets political | A 3-part podcast series exploring the intimate relationship between politics and science.

Uploaded by RRI Tools on 20 November 2020

Nature News

This series was produced by Nick Howe, with editing from Noah Baker and Benjamin Thompson.

A three-part podcast series explores the intimate relationship between politics and science.

Why does a journal of science need to cover politics? It is a question that Nature often gets asked when we publish articles covering political matters. According to some members of our audience, Nature has no place in political discussions.

But is that true? Well, our new podcast miniseries "Stick to the science" aims to find out. In three parts, we will explore the history, philosophy and reality of science’s complicated relationship with politics.

Episode 1: A brief history of politics and science

We look back at the history of the knotty relationship between science, politics and power, and ask how Nature fits in. We speak to historians, political scientists, editorial staff, even philosophers to unpick centuries of connections.

Host: Nick Howe / Interviewees: Magdalena Skipper, Anna Jay, Melinda Baldwin, Steven Shapin, David Edgerton, Chiara Ambrosio, Shobita Parthasarathy & Bruce Lewenstein

Episode 2: Politics of the life scientific

Politics is deeply ingrained in scientists’ working life. Be it through funding agendas, cultural lobbies or personal bias, politics can shape the game in myriad ways, influencing the direction and quality of research. But what does this mean for the objective ideals of science?

Host: Nick Howe / Interviewees: Mayana Zatz, Shobita Parthasarathy, Michael Erard, Peg AtKisson, Susannah Gal, Allen Rostron, Mark Rosenberg & Alice Bell

Episode 3: Talking politics, talking science

What role do journalists, science communicators and policymakers have in influencing how science is perceived? We discuss the danger of politicization in an increasingly divisive political landscape, and ask whether science can ever be part of the political narrative without compromising its values.

Host: Nick Howe / Interviewees: Deborah Blum, Bruce Lewenstein, Dan Sarewitz, Hannah Schmid-Petri & Beth Simone Noveck









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